About us

Lile Real Estate is a team of professionals led by Gar Lile whose mission is to operate an aggressive, resourceful firm, known for its professionalism, integrity, competence, and expanding leadership role in Mid-South agricultural, recreational, and timberland properties.

We have distinguished ourselves across the region as a top agricultural brokerage firm. We got our start working with small, cultivated parcels, and have worked our way up. Our primary goal is to handle our clients' transactions, whether it be 40 acres or 10,000 acres with the same attention, dedication, and enthusiasm. Some of our staff members own and operate farms or come from farm families, which gives us the knowledge and understanding of the many issues facing agricultural buyers and sellers today.

As avid sportsmen and conservationists, we at Lile Real Estate seek to connect important recreational land with people who value it. Our business is providing seasoned advice and professional service to ensure a sound investment for generations to come. We have a lifetime of personal experience with recreational property ownership, leasing, management, and development throughout the region. Our knowledge gained from this experience helps our clients make informed decisions with their own properties. Additionally, our company has a wealth of experience and technical knowledge with the issues related to recreational property development. Restoring or creating wetlands, water and mineral rights, working with government agencies and programs, conservation easements, and biologists are just a few of the areas we can assist with. Sharing and respecting our clients' outdoor and sporting lifestyles and our sincere love of wildlife and the natural environment uniquely qualifies us to assist in each aspect of recreational property ownership. Whether it be purchasing a hunting or fishing property, or a country retreat, we can help. 

As rural land agents, our company would not be complete without a strong interest in timberland. Timberland is an excellent way to balance a portfolio as its value seems to rise even when stocks are falling. Properly managed timberland has sustained itself time after time, as measured by comparable investment barameters, and generally with less risk. In addition, investing in timberland has shown to be a good inflation hedge. From large to small timberland tracts, our company is actively engaged in matching serious investors with quality timberland properties. We have staff members with career experience in the timber industry, and we maintain a direct contact with a wide variety of timber buyers, appraisers, foresters, consultants, and industry insiders throughout the United States.

References available upon request.

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